Thursday, April 13, 2006

Medicare Patients’ Rights

As a Medicare beneficiary, you have certain guaranteed rights.
These rights protect you when you get health care; they assure you access to needed health care services; and they protect you against unethical practices. You have these Medicare rights whether you are in the Original Medicare Plan or another Medicare health plan.
Your Rights Include:
The right to protection from discrimination in marketing and enrollment practices.
The right to information about what is covered and how much you have to pay.
The right to information about all treatment options available to you.
The right to appeal decisions to deny or limit payment for medical care.
The right to know how your Medicare health plan pays its doctors.
The right to choose a women’s health specialist.
The right, if you have a complex or serious medical condition, to receive a treatment plan that includes direct access to a specialist.
The right to receive emergency care.
If you believe that any of your rights have been violated, please call the State Health Insurance Assistance Program in your State.

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