Friday, April 07, 2006

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Techniques Push Stem Cells to Repair Damaged Nerves
Potential breakthroughs from marrow transplants and seaweed

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?
Is laughter the best medicine? Some researchers say yes, while others need more evidence.

Ethnicity Plays Role in Obstetric Risks
It could affect odds for underweight newborn, U.S. study suggests

Severe shortage of child psychiatrists takes toll
Read full story for latest details.

First trial to confirm Nexium provides relief for non-GERD dyspepsia patients
Results from a new study show that treatment with Nexium is effective for relieving upper-abdominal symptoms in patients with non-gastroesophageal reflux disease (non-GERD) dyspepsia.

Inhaled Delivery for Systemic Drug Therapies Gaining Momentum
(Amherst, NH) – The search for improved routes of administration and the desire for noninvasive delivery methods for self-medication of chronic conditions have led to increased interest in alternative drug delivery systems.

Anti-depressant stillbirth link
Use of a type of anti-depressant during pregnancy may increase the risk of a stillbirth, research suggests.

Menstrual Cycle May Impact Epilepsy
Fewer ovulations linked to more seizures, study found

Market Entry Of Generic Versions Of Medications Can Reduce Prices Compared With Brand-Name Versions, FDA Says

Medical Errors Leading Cause Of Death In Hospitals, Study Says

New Test Developed For Early Detection Of Ovarian Cancer, Researchers Say

The Effects Of Mood And Emotional State On Decision Making

Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Increased Total Cancer Incidence

HPV Testing To Screen For Cervical Cancer: More Sensitive Than Current Screening Methods

Massachusetts Legislature Approves Bill That Requires Individuals To Have Health Insurance, Levy Assessment On Employers That Do Not Provide Coverage

IFPMA Welcomes World Health Day Call To Build Strong Healthcare Workforces, Especially In Developing Countries

Novo Nordisk Withdraw Their Application To Extend The Marketing Authorisation For NovoSeven

Dr. Glenn Tessman: Women: Watch for endometriosis

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