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NO MORE Endogyn for Patients from the USA!! NEWS FLASH - JUST IN to IHRT!

IF this is NOT an "April Fools" joke on Kruschinski, then the USA has scored one for all
ARD patients here!

NO MORE Endogyn for Patients from the USA!!

Patients from the USA can now save time and Dr. Kruschinski has re-located!!!
The *costs of surgery are lower in the Caymans, the weather is magnificent and for the US patients, the flights are minimal!

Daniel Kruschinski has just announced that he will be performing "gas-less" adhesiolysis on the

It "appears" in Daniel's message of today that patients seeking his adhesiolysis with the "Abdolift" can now schedule in the Caymans!

NO more long, drawn out flights, NO more issues with translations, NO more currency exchanges, NO more trying to figure out foriegn medications and customs, NO more concern of the weather for scheduling a surgery, NO more having to wonder where to spend your recuperation, as you will be in the "Paradise" of beaches, sands, palm trees, and tropical breezes!

Why do people with "Adhesion Related Disorder" travel abroad to undergo medical procedures? The answer is simple...US citizens have an excellent opportunity to seek top quality procedures that are not available in the USA, and they can receive that intervention by the top "Adhesion Specialists" from the USA, not to mention a little peaceful recuperation & relaxation in a tropical environment, suitable for the whole family!

"Medical/Surgical" tourism is simply the process of traveling abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Medical tourism is certainly not a new concept. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine. The global elite have been traveling to other countries securing medical intervention at world renowned hospitals all over the world, such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and MD Anderson.
For persons afflicted with ARD, the answers to our surgical needs cannot be found at those hospitals, however, we can, and many do, secure the highest quality adhesiolysis available in the world in only TWO places: "Grand Cayman Island and Italy!" Don't forget that we can assist you in securing a FREE flight to anywhere along the southern coast of the USA where you can catch a flight to the Caymans and back!

You will find information about adhesiolysis with Dr. Harry Reich here:
(This infrastructure has been set up to secure a surgery in the Caymans with ONLY Dr. Reich,
please get to Daniel for any scheduling needs for a surgery in the Caymans with him.)

Offering Hope and Help to the Victims of ARD Worldwide

Specialty Gynechological and Adhesiolysis Endoscopic Surgery NOW Being Performed at The Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Surgeries are being performed with the use of:

Confluent SprayGel Adhesion Barrier

*Remember currently the costs of surgery are lower in the Caymans then at Endogyn, though securing a surgery with Kruschinski might cost more in the Caymans then for Dr. Reich, as Dr. Reich doesn't have as far to travel as Daniel does!

* Also, being that Kruschinski has a high % of re-operations due to adhesions from the "Abdolift," it will be important for ARD patients to secure how often he will be in the Caymans for those follow-up procedures, (or if you will then have to travel to Germany for them.)

* DVD's and/or VHS videos ARE available in the Grand Caymans, so you can finally secure them for your surgery with Kruschinski.

* There are excellent surgeons in the Grand Caymans who will be watching or participating in ALL of Daniels procedures, and this is the most magnificent issues IHRT realizes on this re-location of Kruschinski's adhesiolysis procedure! (Protection for the patients)

* It will be interesting to see how much Spraygel kits are actually being used in Daniels surgeries, verses what the patients are actually charged for, and compared to other surgeons using it in the Caymans.

* This re-location of Kruschinski will also allow for a comparative study of the "CO2 verses Gasless" procedure outcomes for adhesion development and all other areas concerning the recovery of persons with ARD. (THIS alone will be a major step forward in the world of ARD.)

* Please note that Kruschinski's message from Buenos Aires Argentina, does NOT state that Dr. Reich, or Dr. Malzoni, will be performing surgery WITH Kruschinski, but rather, independent of each other, so make sure that your not being told that you will have two or more of these surgeons in the Caymans as in that, your costs may escalate! (However, if you were offered such a team, as long as the cost's remain the same, take it!)

* You will need to discuss prior to securing a "Kruschinski adhesiolysis, as to whether the operative reports will be translated and ready for you to take home before you leave the Caymans.

* You will need to discuss the "second" look laps by Kruschinski, as currently they are not performed in the Caymans.

IHRT wants to stress that we DO NOT support any surgical procedure performed by Daniel Kruschinski, with the "Abdolift" as that technique creates adhesions, however, IHRT DOES promote all ARD patients from the USA traveling to the "Grand Cayman Island" for an adhesiolysis with "SprayGel," just not with Kruschinski.

IF that is your pleasure, (sic) at least IHRT realizes Kruschinski will be watched, allowing for a higher degree of safety for those afflicted with ARD.
With this re-location of Kruschinski's adhesiolysis procedure being done outside of Germany and Endogyn, there will be less harvesting, bogus lures and control placed on the patients from the USA seeking a surgery with Kruschinski!
IHRT does think that his "computer" reports on his patients will continue in the disrespectful way that Kruschinski currently eploits his patients for his personal gain.

IF you want a surgery with Kruschinski, secure it in the Cayman Island only!!

If you want to be as well as you can get from an adhesiolysis in the Caymans, secure it with Dr.Reich!

IHRT will monitor this situation very closey as it progress's, IF it progress's we mean as this is "April Fools" day!

If this is NO joke on Kruschinski, then the USA has scored one for all ARD patients here!

Good news for ARD patients !
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Posted Saturday, April 1, 2006 @ 12:56 PM Greatings from Buenos Aires Argentina form the Annual Congress of the International Society for gynecologic Endoscopy. A very short message for your information. I will write mre about after returning back to Germany in the end of this week.
Hereby I would like to announce that Harry Reich, Mario Malzoni and myself will perform surgery in Cayman Island. Patients will have the opportunity of gasless and gas laparoscopy with the surgeon of their choice. Combining techniques ARD patients will benefit from all the advantages of the techniques that are available. The enormous experience of the surgeons will provide the patients with the best surgery they can get for adhesiolysis and the longest experience with SprayGel !
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD)

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