Friday, April 14, 2006

Hardcore Bullies Are Manipulators, Who Use Smoke Screen Tactics!!

Hardcore bullies are manipulators. They are masters at confusing people. But with these masters of manipulation, we must always look at the big picture!

Hardcore bullies will often try to confuse the issue when being confronted with their bullying behavior.

They will blame their victim for the incident that happened between them.

They will bring up small transgressions that the victim may have made and try to make them seem huge. For example, maybe the victim told them to “Shut Up”... The hardcore bully will make this seem like a huge insult to him or her - when in reality the hardcore bully has threatened or cursed at the victim, and the victim was just trying to defend himself or herself.

This Smoke Screen technique is one of the hardcore bullies most successful deflecting attempts because it is easy for people to get caught up in the details of the incident at hand.Hardcore bullies are experts at throwing up the smoke screen.


Beware of Dr Kruschinski of Endogn and his Patient Advocates!


Anonymous said...

yeah, be especially aware as he can get you well!!

Anonymous said...

nah but how do you feel about repeat surgeries? Goibg broke?

Anonymous said...

There is great controversy about the integrity and honesty of Dr. Daniel Kruschinski.
Some (a handful?) pts. have gone there only once and report in their "pt. stories" that they are pain-free, and maybe they are. Many others do not add to their stories that they went back several times for repeat procedures, and still are not pain-free.
Some people state that if he even got one person well, everyone else with adhesions should try it.
They may be the lucky #2.
Like winning the lottery.

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