Monday, April 10, 2006

Don't Cry for me Argentina

Dr Kruschinski, Why no talk (brag) of your trip to Argentina? This is just so unlike you not to take an opportunity to give something a spin to secure more patients. I just supposed you would use it to your advantage and name drop all over the place. After all you are a very important person. (smirk) You have a current congress page with no mention of this important ISGE conference. Didn't you know you were going in advance....and invited.Did you get your certificate of attendance? Me, I think your full of baloney and never went. You just used that scenario to name drop Dr. Reich and Dr. Malzoni.In the highly unlikely event that you did go to Argentina, well prove it.All this talk of the Caymans and serious name dropping seems nothing more than a lure to make people think you are more revered, hell , even liked by your supposed colleagues.They would never let you bring your Abdolift hook to the Caymans. Um in that unlikely event that you did attend this conference, did you ever consider you might have been politely yupped and uh huh-ed to hasten your departure from an on going "fruitful discussion" that was not involving you?(This I can envision so clearly) I was just thinking is all, it don't add up. As always the truth of the matters of Endogyn will tragically reveal themselves in time. Just never enough time for those individuals who rely on Karen and Helens anecdotal luring.They dangle a bone before a starving dog and boom, you bout 15- 20 grand in the chips. US dollars of course. Our hard earned US dollars. To all those who " have their names on the tea towels" ready for Germany... I wish I had got off my gurney and run like my poor brain was telling me to while I was in the OR holding area...sigh. If I was you Daniel (shudder) and I really wanted to get this "angle" working for me, I guess I'd make up stories about all the things I did in Argentina, and mention the names of very important people on my website. Or I would pretend I said no such thing and carry on ignoring any comments that may arise, when once again you words demand clarifcation.By the way, It's Dr. Barry........not Dr. BerryDr. Barry Richter I think it's time for index cards to keep all you stories straight! Did you learn to Tango ? I know your dancing as fast as you can.

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